1. Rubys

From the recording These Are The Days - 2004

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Recorded at The Haus of Luv Laguna Beach, CA
November 2003 - March 2004
Engineered by Jai Vatuk
Produced by Jai Vatuk
Written by John Malsberger & Arranged by Grampas Grass

Lisa Malsberger - Vocals
Brett Davis - Lead Guitar
John Malsberger - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Tim Kerigan - Bass
Dean Butterworth - Drums



Well haven’t you ever wanted to
Smoke a doobie Ruby (burn one down)
Why wouldn’t I want to get high,
It’s not like I need to fill a void (pass it round)
Tell me Gus what’s all the fuss
Bout what we’ve been doing?
Don’t get it at all, it’s like talking to a wall
Everyone’s so paranoid

According to Dan the government has a plan,
To rid the world of joy (burn one down)
But I don’t think we’re staning on the brink,
We have yet to light the fuse (pass it round)
Say hey Lee thinks Christianity has forgotten it’s own story
What the Bible say still meaningful today
God gave us seeds and herbs to use

If I don’t bother you don’t bother me.
Everybody’s got the right to be free, hey oh na na na

Well haven’t you ever wanted to, smoke a doobie Ruby
Why the strife don’t you know it’s my life
Just wanna have a little fun,
Light it up, light it up