1. Sweetgrass

From the recording These Are The Days - 2004

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Recorded at The Haus of Luv Laguna Beach, CA
November 2003 - March 2004
Engineered by Jai Vatuk
Produced by Jai Vatuk
Written by John Malsberger & Arranged by Grampas Grass

Lisa Malsberger - Vocals
Brett Davis - Lead Guitar
John Malsberger - Vocals / Guitar
Tim Kerigan - Bass
Wally Ingram - Drums



Billy-Rae was an honest boy, raised in Nashville Tennessee
You know he had a country soul, kinda soul that could set you free.
Headed out to California, land of sand and sunny beach.
Before his eyes stood a vision, this conclusion he did reach.

More than fate had brought him here,
He fell in love with a girl down on Sweetgrass Lane.

Becky Jean was no country girl, she loved that New York skyline.
Her family came to California, and fell in love with the West Coast life.
Riding on the PCH she saw a sign in the morning dew.
Then she felt her breath steal away, man that’s how that woman knew.

More than fate had brought her here,
He fell in love with a boy down on Sweetgrass Lane.

Winds of fate can blow you down, so many roads you could roll.
Hope you find yourself in a place that feels good to your soul.
For Billy-Rae and Becky Jean, search for love is finally done.
Joined together in harmony, two parts made into one.

More than fate had brought them here,
They fell in love with a dream down on Sweetgrass Lane.
Sweetgrass Lane, Sweetgrass Lane, Sweetgrass Lane.