1. Honeychild

From the recording These Are The Days - 2004

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Recorded at The Haus of Luv Laguna Beach, CA
November 2003 - March 2004
Engineered by Jai Vatuk
Produced by Jai Vatuk
Written by John Malsberger & Arranged by Grampas Grass

Lisa Malsberger - Vocals
Brett Davis - Lead Guitar
John Malsberger - Guitar
Tim Kerigan - Bass
Phil Jones - Drums

Jelani Jones - Keys



Hey was it something I said?
Why are you going to bed?
Please don’t leave me alone,
Cause I’ve got a great big bone
To pick with you my honeychild
Yes you, my honeychild.

Stoned me with sweet talking jive, you were
Buzzing like the queen of the hive
Turned my world all around.
My knees bent to the ground.
For you my sweet love
Yes you, my honeychild

Oh my honeychild you’re like sucking on sugar cane.
Sweet sugarplums be dancing in my head.
My sweet tooth is aching and full of pain.
There ain’t nothing sweeter than you candy in my bed.
Oh my honeychild……you’re so sweet.

So please baby take me to bed.
Forget all the words that we said.
Talk all about this at dawn.
When yesterday’s worries are gone
From you my honeychild.
Yes you my honeychild.
Oh baby you are my honeychild.
Yes you are my honeychild.