From the recording Devil's Inn - 2020

Recorded at The Compound Studio Long Beach, CA
June 2019 - September 2019
Engineered by Anthony “Antoine” Arvizu
Produced by Anthony “Antoine” Arvizu & John Malsberger
Mastered by Matt Lynch at Mysterious Mammal Studio
Written by John Malsberger & Arranged by Grampas Grass

Brett Davis - Lead Guitar
Richard Kaylor - Drums, Percussion
Eric Lockhart - Keyboards
John Malsberger - Guitar
Lisa Malsberger - Vocals
Chris Schmoke - Bass


Hurt Me No More

I was walking like a pound of gold I had a million dollar smile
All the while I was seeing red I had daggers in my eyes
Far too long I have lived blinded by your lies
And I'm here to tell you, you will hurt me no more
I'm gonna cut you, oh baby cut you from my life
Say goodnight

I was lost when you found me yeah I's say that's true
But here I stand on my two feet not solely 'cause of you
I felt that I owed you so I put up with your trash
But your mouth just cut a check that I'm about to cash
I'm gonna cut you, oh baby cut you from my life
Say goodnight, go bye bye

If words were bullets I'd say you never missed a shot
Somehow you fooled me to believe that I deserved what I got
You said that you loved me, but never did you care
When I get back home tonight I know you won't be there
I'm gonna cut you, I'm cut you, oh baby cut you
I'm gonna cut you my life, say goodnight
Go bye bye