The Grass Returns to the Mixx

The Mixx, 443 E Colorado Blvd., Pasadena

We at Grampas Grass take Covid-19 and social distancing very seriously. We're working with The Mixx in Pasadena to have a trial run at a live show in an indoor venue. For us, it has a huge stage that is raised at least 3 feet off the dance floor and set back multiple feet as well. We can give each other plenty of room and be distanced from the audience. The room is huge with extremely high ceilings and great ventilation, it has a 300 person capacity! There is plenty of space for small groups, this place is huge and is the only reason we are feeling comfortable trying it out. Wear masks when moving around, take them off when you sit with your people. If you don't like masks, please wear one anyway while you move to your spot, then take it off while you eat and drink. Can we have live music again, have everyone feel safe, and be safe together? I think we can and I think it's going to feel pretty magical! There is no cover for this event.